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Post 55 - An open letter to the lonely / cure loneliness heal

[If you hear or see that someone has expressed 'I'm lonely' maybe there is something here that you can paste to them, such as the (full) link to this blog post, to see if it helps them?]

You want to find some help and this whole letter is the best I can think of right now:

Dear the lonely people,


You find yourself with no one else around. You look in your room, and there is just you, a piece of technology which you read this from, your bed or chair that you are sitting on, your stuff.

And when the question "you are alone in the Universe, but you are meant to be totally okay and great with that" is posed, you are meant to say "Yeah! I am totally wonderful!"

Such people, wouldn't they be seen as psychopathic or with some sort of degradation such as extreme depression or lying to yourself, to come to such a conclusion?

Other people don't get you what you want and in order to bring the things that example that you love yourself, you might even feel the need to lie and you can't see a way around it.

The thing is, you are somehow open to love, but others are not.

They do not have this perception or sight, this is displayed as ignorance.

Loneliness how it is put, and how we 'suffer' is plain out 'wrong' and immoral.

Lots of us focus on the 'loneliness' and don't really know what is the opposite of it. "I want lots of friends" but actually there are lots of people. You can call Samatritans (NSPCC have an online chat if you are a minor/child) if you are really wishing to speak to someone such as a charity worker.

You walk around the streets and the cities you will find there are a LOT of people on this planet, some people estimate about 7.4 Billion. And then you may critise "I can't find any friends and there are aaaaaall these people on this planet?!" because we are disconnected from ourselves which has led to uninspiration, - do you understand me?

If we do not have family and friends we have to rely on ourselves which in many cases leads to poverty such as homelessness. You Can help yourself with this (continue reading)

But what you can do is actually /imagine/ - you have no family, no friends, maybe you are in this 'hole' and the good news is: you can see some of this hole! How to fill it? Fill yourself with your own strong construction poles (like those dense metal ones on the street you have to walk under) If noone was there for you tomorrow, how will you cope and what will you have in place to make sure that you are self entertained and self sufficient?

It is well known, that there are many ignorant people in the world, and what are we meant to do about it? "There is no solution, just ignore it, we are like toddlers in this world, although 'anything is possible' as a kid, 'things just are, change is impossible' becomes the 'motivation' by adulthood.

Just because the past did not change, doesn't mean that we have to repeat history. The same old day, this way, I look around and it's like there is a bubble or shield around other people which doesn't allow brightness and my joy to wiggle into them to brighten up their day in order to 'just speak to them'! without their dullness or dumming down getting in the way. Because you want to be inspired by others, to be around those who inspire you, and lift you up, and you ask "Why is it soo hard to find these people?"
Why: is within you. When you ask why, and answer 'because...' don't just describe the outside, what is happening. Also explain what power or abilities you amazingly have! You are incredible! Do the things that you love, and maybe you'd find others who enjoy these same things, as well. (This may not work, shield /yourself/ with your optimism and imagine yourself as a bright coloured orb of light) You could look for the activity clubs to go out to, so you actually go out, to talk to the people, who you wish to be friends with! [Then after the session/s get their contact details] Because Really, you really do wish to do fun exercise and learn new things WITH CAN. You are beautiful - Please search for "Self-empowerment" (this is not "motivation", but about not 'containing' but expressing and loving your ability to do anything, with brightness, it solidifies your yellow chakra or manipura chakra]
watch the whole of this "Mindvalley" video : 

I advise veganism, or taking the vegan challenge, for fun..? (one month, no meat). You might have effects like when you quit smoking where you become lighter and your head feels uplifted. Eating tortured animals, putting their consciousness into your tummy, lowers your vibration.
Remember to bless your food and send reiki healing or light to it. Find ways to make (fresh) vegetables tasty to eat, and try new (packets of) beans/nuts/seeds
(such as stir fries, with sauce, mixed herbs pots, with something else, as soup or super/green shakes) You could also put orgone devices and crystals in your food cupboards to see if it lightens up the food as well!

As for myself, I bought a selection of 'gemstone' crystals from the internet (eBay) and also other places which I had visited, and then

 I placed them around and under my bed.    I put orgonites to the corners of my room too. They were comforting, to have all these colourful pieces around. Selenite (the white wand or stick in the image) 
is a soothing crystal but it is 

also very delicate/soft. If you are open minded, I recommend this watch:

Telling yourself the truth. Much empowerment by yourself.

We are the change. Be the change.

Do you really honestly love some 'me time' such as reading books? (have you gone to the library and had some time to totally totally calm your mind and meditate on a good read? have you found what you really like, and love, to do and bring light to yourself from?)

To relax to the silence, as well as, having the bussel of a large crowd. Like a round orb field, you expand yourself, then bring it back in like a meditating body; seeing both inside and outside of yourself, it is beautiful. If you feel needy, look inside of yourself, because you have everything within yourself. Maybe you see what I mean now? (if you don't, leave a comment)

 - You already have everything that you need. Ask yourself, for all the things that you need. And if you do not have these things, look at your power in this situation (everything that you can indeed do) or find all of the ways, and everything every path which you can go up.

Write your thoughts down. What do you want to do? Do research, search on the internet, ask yourself, and others, there are all of the resources that you could ever need and more!

Sometimes it is not the cause that you think which is the actual cause of something, such as, your uncopeable feelings of separations with others. For example with parents fighting, they say "it is because we can't pay for this" but really it is because they are pented up over something that once, (for example if their loneliness) is cured, they would not be angry.
Take an observation of the factors, which affect the decisions that you are making (the actions which you proceed with daily, weekly, monthly, to (change, using positive and inventive verbs such as) replace, stop doing, tidy, care about, plan for, draw over, start doing)

Also, I have tried to 'take myself' to places and use public transport. Sometimes I do not feel safe on my own but then you may feel motivated to take another trip. Have a look at meet up groups, fun clubs, activities in the area such as ice skating, trampolining, dancing, maybe you will find some people there to talk to once you go, and whilst you pick up a new talent - You are talented and if you wish to draw or paint, you Can do this, on your own! Like an independent kid with confidence and charisma! You are enough on your own, to do /anything/ that you want to. You want to go climbing? Then let's do it. You are together.

{google it? "local ____" or walk around your town or city or take the bus somewhere to see what facilities and shops are around. Bring a notepad/pen and your phone to take notes. "Tomorrow I will set my alarm and get up to go to here by train. I have checked the train times and I have packed so that I will have sufficient funds and food/water for the day. I will take myself on a daytrip! To see (a crystal shop to buy a crystal friend?)"}

Please don't tell yourself "if only I had money I could..." because your thinking, your mind, your body, is soo much more worthy than any golden (velostat!) pig you can be given or sent. Live cheaply and keep a count of the money that you spend. (basically, totally let go of all the materialistic things that you can do in order to see you, yourself, inside, this is your meaning, and you have to make and create your purpose, through living, LIFE!!) Quit your addictions, go to sleep early, exercise (yoga and stretches?) Plan and go forth -->

Image result for vegan foods
Image result for pink love

Tell yourself that you love yourself a lot, and you are going to do your decisions based on true love. Be a good person. If there are ignorers, don't add to the list, and be observant and kind to others. Live through morals and honestly, this is beautiful, and this is, you are, full of beauty, find that what you give out comes back to you. This way, you must show the world what you have got, which is your beauty with in and energies radiating from your heart~

Love is the answer! Love is the way. Dear friend, you are very much LOVED!

Now go Do, with Can! I have lifted and I can!

I drew this, then bluetak'ed it to my wall, and asked, that kind Angels, however their form may be, or fairies, or mermaids, unicorns, whatever you believe may exist, that they help, gift their unconditional love - this exists

I wrote this because:

I saw someone post on a chat room, not ever seeming like the first time

"meowing in loneliness
im so lonely i could destroy reality over it"

It's not silly to admit it. I understand what it is like to be lonely. Very. Lonely. When I was little I hosted big parties as a younger child and my chance of getting an invitation back was very almost 0. They are simply missing out on my light. Someday I am going to be soo successful that they will totally drop their jaws in disbelief that they did not make the best decisions with me in the past. I was also the last to get picked on teams (during the entireity of school), sorry to say, but it made me angry or upset that disabled or special needs children were picked first and I was the very very last un-cool, and seen as silly or weird, person, "human-being", to get picked.

Little Me, Little Mix,
(This girl-group also have songs "Wings" "Change your life" and "Move" that you may enjoy)

To become 'sorry' drains, forgive yourself, and these people, for their narrow perception of "what is cool".
There are lots of "people" in the world, but how many deep "souls" are there?

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself", how, tell yourself sorry for all the times that you have been unable to. Then be able, and do the things, to make you say "thank you, I love you"
I will treat and love you right now

You might have felt like you said "The Creator is punishing me" (or 'God must pick fingers at me') but really we have the opportunity to make things right, here as the gifts that change things. [I am not religious, my personal opinion (not belief) is to stick to what I feel, which includes my 'third eye' and my chakra system and Extra Sensory Perception.]

You just have to, know:

There's nothing wrong with you!

In fact, there is everything /right/ with you

Can't you see? You are meant to be a brave amazing light!

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Ask yourself, as if you are 80, and someone is asking you "What did you want to be when you grew up?" and your answer won't be "I spent a long time sad sat alone bored. I couldn't figure out things and I was just lonely all over my body" it'll be about someone really meaningful, that you thought, did, felt, had, changed. "My world changed because I did not settle for loneliness, I made something good out of all my dilemmas and issues in the world. I knew, it was me that must move, I had to be the change."

If the perceiver (I'm not just saying listener/viewer, but of someone who is actually more capable of going beyond their five senses) in the following, > and >> are trying to find their way out of their evilness. >>> is still a negative:

> I love you
>> I love you too
>>> *criticism*
> (response:)
we have something REAL.
We have receptors for Love. Not just pain.
> + >> We listen. We see. And we speak the Truth.

> I want to learn about tenses, and languages. Music, designing, art, physical movement;
I want to learn everything without restrictions!
>> Has what you liked ever changed? Think back to that, you can change what you want. Let that moment be now. It's choice!
>>> (so that this person concludes) You're not dumb? So let's do something different.

(The world is much bigger than we think, { I believe } (for example if) there are benevolent aliens and extraterrestrials that exist, after disclosure, maybe they'll make friends with us? They wish to mentor and love us, but first the war has to end on this planet because they do indeed 'come in peace') See a bigger world.

[you may like my other posts for inspiration, such as finding, 'how' Post 53/54]

[feel free to bookmark or come back to this post if you feel the need to revise or have 'somewhere to go' if you are feeling without a buddy, if you tell yourself "I am lonely" once again, I am with you]

Thank you

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Post 54 - [2] Never Settle. Never Settle! How long till you say: Enough! ...?

Remember that you can refer back to these pages!

I recommend: Invest in psy powers:
(these are text/links)

"How to make a psy ball"
"How to heal and strengthen my electromagnetic fields"

I recommend Spirit Science full series:

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Post 53 - [1] To Be Able To: Answer Questions

It's well worth reading, right to the end, it could save or change your life  - This is my own content / writing which I first wrote in my diary/pad that I have reserved for writing of how I can improve myself or my life or to figure out the world, on to paper.
I took a photo but my handwriting was just too bad, maybe a scanner would have been better, but I decided to type it up, and I think I may do this with the rest of my work too.
I hope that I can upload it to different websites as well because I hope that the content can be seen and to uplift your living! - Please, I hope you enjoy:

As for the below:
​{ If you know the chakra system, the questions go up the colours, red to violet, it is colour coded. }
You may not understand the last little bit, I am trying to tell you that this is a linear showing of the tenses that are learnt. It may be this way, during language learning, if you have learnt a foreign language, you may see these as the order of difficulty, or the order of progression in which you learn(t) the tenses. I also see this with your bodies, where the continuous tense moves you into the next body which is above your head or 5th dimensional / in the perception of time which is controlled through or conceivable the higher dimensional (way of thinking)
Remember the structure (and order of the questions) for application W-M-H-W-W-W-W (write it down?)
Just to add, I also highly recommend researching, and getting, crystals and orgone devices! Because they may bring you good energies to have around, here is some of my own collection:

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Post 52 - Channelled Starseed Links

Here is a mix of things, channelled images, transcripts, videos, purchasable inspiring and ET/Starseed designed items~
I wanted to try and search that more than one race/star people, regularly sending messages through one source, (up to date, not one offs) so that I could follow it and learn spiritual topics/improvement, or about the world, etc #notalone
(be sure to give them likes/views/subs/bumps/positive comments, too!)
Some of these don't come up in every search, so here is a good compilation!

Just about monthly Orion council channellings:
(she has asked before on her fb page for requests for questions for the next one!)
I own this book:

Alcyon Pleiades (these videos are available in many languages on seperate dedicated Youtube channels)

first video in series in English-
mixed lang-
There are also separate YT channels for :
(there are other language YT channels that I have not listed here, some of the videos such as 3 and 4 were reuploaded/re-published on another channel)

SaLuSa (Sirian) channelled messages/transcripts:
(this website also has lots of channellings on the sidebar/links)

Sirian starseed Sheldan Nidle's Webinar videos:
(full versions purchasable from)

Bashar ET channellings:

Archangel Metatron channelled:

Kyron channelled by Lee Carroll

Big Head Scientist animated channelled messages from many being origins:

ArcturusRa: Starseed/channelled message Youtuber:

Vanessa Lamorte (light language and teaching)

Remembering Love and Light:

Neil 333
the story videos are long and contain precious translations (normally channelings do not have subtitles and I wish they did, so that we know what they are saying!)

(new channel) Tim Zyphin

Enlightened Journeys Starseed transmissions/messages:

AskAngels, Angel prayers / spiritual help:

Languages of Light Youtube:

Council of Wanderers Collective:
Galactic Art community:

Channelled predictions youtube:

Higher Self's YT:

Family of Light uploads:

Pleiaidan channellings, from Abraham Hicks and Barbara Marciniak:

Cassopedian / Casiopaean channeled transcripts:
Laura Knight-Jadczyk's website:

Light Language images:

Frequency paintings:

The ET art / info on all these posts is stunning / so good!

Lovehaswon: regular/new channelled messages are listed on homepage:

Golden age of Gaia
"You are a soul, you do not have a soul; you are your soul."

Addition/edit 11th/05/2017 channeling:
Official Agatha to humanity world symposium

(not lists of channelling but more information)
Hollow Earth / Cities

Spirit Science series:

My own channel, BlueCharlye:
I want to channel something sometime in 2017 and I'd be sure to upload it <3

You can go to the library and there may be a shelf or section on UFO/Alien books, or at a bookstore and certainly online.

If you are looking for other 'seeds or wanting help/teaching I have an academy page, and group chat on fb @ -

Lots of blog posts and profiles of star-seeds at:

Does your race/star family not do channellings/messages/media to Earth? Please ask them! The more things get posted, the more evidence it is on social media and as a spiritual craze, maybe it could help some people <3

If there are other links/websites/videos that you like, please put them in the comments!
And please please read post 51 <3
Love and Light
Icem-pie :P

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Post 51- Arcturian Prayer of Protection

Blessings to you all!

This Prayer of Protection DOES NOT remove reptilians from inside you. That is an entirely different and more involved process. The wording of the prayer was provided by the Arcturians. You don’t need to say it out loud. Communication with the Arcturians is mostly telepathic, so just “talking” to them in your mind is sufficient. Remember to be extremely respectful and noteful of them as you request this help, ask politely ;3

I would also request to them to check for, not just reptilians, but any malevolents, like when you try to see (energetic/etheric, like said in the prayer) threads connecting you to everyone you have ever thought of, and then using a sword or your hand to cut through them, or imagining them fading attachments, and removing energetic chords of other people.

{discarnates: mentioned below, are people who have not "crossed over"/reincarnated but stayed without a body and as use/slaves/mind controlled by the reptilians, who see humans as lower/inferior to them, so like their toys}

So, not just removal of Reptilians from you, but also, from demons, attachments, discarnates negative etheric cords, karma cords, the controlling karma demon, and anything else that appears negative and holding you back from being positive.

You could request a clearing of your home (including their portals, eggs, and chip/homing device) work or school, vehicles and pets if any, and genetics. And an uplifting of the energy there and in your being.
It is essential to cleanse a residence/home after a person receives a Divine Healing; otherwise you may return to a “contaminated” home and get swarmed with them, or have attachments once again {pointlessly} so please also ask for this. You can ask them to show signs of their presence if you feel unheard, have their image/s (eg Arcturus star/planet or the ships in our skies above your house) and intent in mind, but it is their own will.

Recite the prayer as often as you need to. On some occasions you will benefit from saying the prayer 10-20 times a day. At other times, you may not need to use it at all.

And while you're at it {!!} also ask them to send healling and energy into prana tubes for activating your energy/DNA/other things, and say that you are open for their downloads or just anything they feel would be good for you. They will know what to do and what is suitable :)

And {suggestion: bubble} shield yourself! (meditate on imagining an oval or pryamid around your body made of light for 5 minutes in a routine) Or ask for healling and shielding from angels/archangels/ETs.

You can also pray for your friends, but if they are not open to the ETs, then they will not go against anyone's will, they do not force anything on you because they are loving and respectful people. My mom is not open to them, so I think she is someone who is hard to help. They need permission, not just because of karmic law, but non-interference, where they won't help you without /you/ being the person to ask them first, even though they are open to helping you, just now, you need to be open to them! So you can declare your openness to them, if you wish.

The Arcturians call themselves a "blue" race and have been described as having turquoise/aqua coloured skin, but I have also heard of dark blue or "indigo beings" (slightly purple-seeming) from my own experience, and others have described them as having beige or green skin (as little green men)

As usual,
Love and light from icem <3 {starseed}